• We are a Veterinary Approved Facility
  • This means that we are visited monthly by a member of the Veterinary department and annually inspected by the State Veterinary to ensure that we comply with all rules and regulations on a continuous basis, regarding trophies, processes and exports on a local and international standard. 
  • This enables us to export trophies legally worldwide.  This also means we can apply for the necessary documentation from Nature conservation as well as Veterinary Department of agriculture, forestry and fisheries. 
  • You as a hunter can focus on the memorable hunting opportunities Africa has to offer and leave the paperwork and hassle to us.

There are two options when you decide to export trophies back home:

  • Sea freight
  • Air freight

First mention takes a little longer but is in return a little less expensive.  In the end it is a matter of preference.

There are also two options when you want to send back home, what you’ve hunted:

1)  Dip and Pack
2)  Mounting

Dip and Pack option vs Mounting option

What is dip and pack and what does it involve:

  • The skins, hides and horns are treated and salted by a local taxidermist to make sure that it is safe to export (in raw form) back home.  It will be treated to preserve hides, skin and horns for a time, to still enable the taxidermist on your side to create a beautiful product.


What does Mounting involve:

  • Your skins, hides and horns are taken to a local taxidermist and he mounts your trophies according to your specific instructions. After the whole process is competed your trophies are exported back home in its final form. This means that the processed products are then sent back to you and ready to put in your trophy room for display.   


Dip and pack



Can take up to 10 months + to ship and  also add the additional mounting time back home after arrival

Less time locally - process starts immediately

Delayed time means more time for bacteria, insect damage, humidity or ageing signs and staining.

Processes often delayed

Processes seldom delayed

Apply for paperwork, etc, while busy with mounts and trophies.

Foreign Taxidermist not always familiar with  local species

Local taxidermist works in repetition with these species every single day

Knows what procedures to follow with different capes and should something happen to a specie, we’ve got a wide selection to match up perfectly and replace from if necessary.

Will trophy resemble species shot

Peace of mind – trophy resembles species shot perfectly

Endlessly study and work with local species on a daily basis.

Not all countries accept raw treated trophies

Trophies are processed, safe and accepted in all countries

Verify country preferences.